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Hi there, it's Masaki👋 Thanks for visiting my personal page!

About me

  • 💡 Software Developer: Client side(React) - Server side(Node, Python) etc...
  • 📍 British Columbia, Canada
  • 🎥 Fan of Edgar Wright's movies



booost technologies

Full-Stack Web Developer
Nov 2020 - Sep 2022

Web system to support decarbonization and customer management

  • Improved dashboard response speed by modifying backend logic, optimizing SQL queries, and separating APIs. This has enhanced the user experience as all the charts in the dashboard are displayed about 2,500 milliseconds faster
  • Implemented a feature to calculate and view greenhouse gas emissions for each of the company's activities using Laravel and Vue.js. This feature has been patented

Web scraping to streamline operations

  • Retrieved electricity-related data from websites using Selenium, saving data to a database. Additionally, created a web system using Laravel and Vue.js to be able to download scraped data. This system has reduced the sales department's work time by more than 10 minutes each day


Full-Stack Web Developer
Jul 2020 - Oct 2020

Web system for recruitment

  • Implemented messaging functionality using React, Express, and Node.js
  • Created a scraping environment using Docker to quickly and easily set up a development environment. As a result, the time needed to onboard new developers has been significantly minimized


Backend Developer
Feb 2018 - Jun 2020

Web system for customer management

  • Implemented credit card payment and direct debit backend functionality using Paygent's API with PHP. No errors occurred since the start of the operation, which increased customer trust
  • Created an API backend in PHP to receive application data from external systems
  • Developed batch processing to calculate and create a large number of invoices


Crypto Chart

Screenshot of Crypto Chart

Crypto Chart is a full-stack MERN app.

Lets users view candlestick charts of cryptocurrencies for selected asset pairs and periods 📈

PWA List

Screenshot of PWA List

Web app that lets developers post PWA and users view them.

More than 150 PWA have been submitted by developers 🙌

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