Masaki Fukunishi

Hi there, it's Masaki👋 Thanks for visiting my personal page!

About me

  • 💡 Software Developer: Client side(React) - Server side(Node, Python) etc...
  • 📍 British Columbia, Canada
  • 🎥 Fan of Edgar Wright's movies



booost technologies

Full-Stack Web Developer
Nov 2020 - Sep 2022

Web system to support decarbonation and customer management

  • Improved dashboard response speed and enhanced user experience through SQL optimization
  • Implemented a feature to calculate and check greenhouse gas emissions for each activity of an organization using Laravel and Vue.js. This feature has been patented

Automated solution to enhance sales department operations

  • Retrieved data from a website using Selenium, saving text data to a database. Additionally, designeda user-friendly web app using Laravel and Vue.js, enabling the convenient download of the scraped data. This initiative significantly improved team efficiency and data accessibility


Full-Stack Web Developer
Jul 2020 - Oct 2020

Web system for recruitment

  • Implemented messaging functionality using React, Express, and Node.js
  • Created a scraping environment using Docker to quickly and easily set up a development environment. As a result, the time needed to onboard new developers has been significantly minimized


Backend Developer
Feb 2018 - Jun 2020

Web system for customer management

  • Implemented credit card payment and direct debit backend functionality using Paygent's API
  • Created an API backend in PHP to receive application data from external systems
  • Developed a batch process to generate invoices for a substantial volume of data, scheduled to run via Cron at a designated time each day


Crypto Chart

Screenshot of Crypto Chart

Crypto Chart is a full-stack MERN app.

lets users view candlestick charts of cryptocurrencies for selected asset pairs and periods 📈

PWA List

Screenshot of PWA List

Web app that lets developers post PWAs and users view them.

More than 150 PWAs have been submitted by developers 🙌

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